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2018, c'est l'année des O


Collie online vous propose quelques noms pour sortir des sentiers battus. Une source d'inspiration ou à utiliser directement.

Mais, au fait...! Pourquoi ces noms?
Avec Aniwa, nous vous proposons l'historique de ce système de lettrage.

Ce retour sur le passé nous incite aussi à illustrer ces 2 pages avec des photos de vieilles cartes postales ayant pour thème le Colley. Nous remercions ici Jean-Claude Agoutin qui a proposé à Collie online ces remarquables dessins pour publication.

2018, c'est l'année des O

1092 noms pour sortir des sentiers battus...!

  • Oahu Rose
    Oakland Style
    Obedience Thru Suffering
    Obey The Cowgod
    Obi Wan Kaczynski
    Obie Trice
    Object Of My Affection
    Object Of My Desire
    Objection Overruled
    Objects In The Mirror
    Oblivion Ocean
    Oblivious Darkness
    Obscure Divine Manifestation
    Obscure Pictures
    Obscured By Clouds
    Obscurity Reigns
    Obstacles Of Myrtle
    Obudz Sie
    Obvious Heart
    Obviously Adopted
    Obviously Five Believers
    Occasional Demons
    Occhi Blu
    Occhi Di Speranza
    Ocean Avenue
    Ocean Blue
    Ocean Breathes Salty
    Ocean Girl
    Ocean Life
    Ocean Man
    Ocean Of Candles
    Ocean Pearl
    Ocean Soul
    Oceans High
    Oceans Of Blood Over Paradise
    Oceans Of Time
    Oceans Of Tomorrow
    Oceans Of You
    Oceans Rise
    October Morning Wind
    October Nights
    October Road
    October Skies
    October Song
    October Swimmer
    October Thorns
    Odd Family
    Odd Fellows Rest
    Oddness Of The Lord
    Odds And Ends
    Ode Of Lindsey Parker
    Ode To A Black Man
    Ode To A Koala Bear
    Ode To Antiquity
    Ode To Big Blue
    Ode To Billie Joe
    Ode To Boy
    Ode To El Nino
    Ode To Greed
    Ode To Groovy
    Ode To Liberty
    Ode To Oren Ishii
    Ode To Playboy
    Ode To Summer
    Ode To The Bouncer
    Ode To The Red Queen
    Odio Amarte
    Odio El Silencio
    Odyssey Number Five
    Odyssey Of Mind
    Of A Broken Heart
    Of A Lifetime
    Of A Might Divine
    Of All The Hearts
    Of All The Situations
    Of Chaos And Eternal Night
    Of Course
    Of Course You Can
    Of Darkness And Light
    Of Devlish Tongues
    Of Doom
    Of Dream And Drama
    Of Emotions
    Of Greetings And Goodbyes
    Of Lost Desires
    Of Love And Colors
    Of Mice And Men
    Of Mind And Matter
    Of Mist And Midnight Skies
    Of Nails And Sinners
    Of One Blood
    Of Power
    Of Rage And War
    Of Sins And Shadows
    Of The Girl
    Of Things Not Seen
    Of Time And Dust
    Of Wolf And Man
    Of Your Beauty
    Off And Running
    Off Broadway
    Off Glass
    Off He Goes
    Off Night Backstreet
    Off Parting Sound
    Off That Chewy
    Off The Bone
    Off The Ground
    Off The Mark
    Off The Top
    Off The Wall
    Off With Your Head
    Off You Go
    Off Your Face
    Offbeat Bareass
    Offend In Every Way
    Office Cowboy
    Officially Yours
    Oft In The Stilly Night
    Ogen Weer Geopend
    Ogni Donna
    Ogni Volta
    Ogre Battle
    Oh George
    Oh Atlanta
    Oh Baby
    Oh Baby Doll
    Oh Bambolero
    Oh Blackpool
    Oh Boy
    Oh Carol
    Oh Comely
    Oh Daddy
    Oh Darling
    Oh Donna
    Oh Girl
    Oh Great Spirit
    Oh Happy Day
    Oh Holy Night
    Oh How Happy
    Oh How She Shines
    Oh James
    Oh Jane
    Oh It Hurts
    Oh Julie
    Oh Jungleland
    Oh Kay
    Oh Lead Me
    Oh Linda
    Oh Little Town
    Oh Lonesome Me
    Oh Look At Me Now
    Oh Love
    Oh My Brave Hearts
    Oh My Golly
    Oh My Lord
    Oh My Love
    Oh My Soul
    Oh My Sweet Carolina
    Oh Na Nae
    Oh Nelly
    Oh Oh Oranje
    Oh People
    Oh Phoney
    Oh Pretty Woman
    Oh Romy
    Oh Sherrie
    Oh Starry Night
    Oh Susanna
    Oh What A Night
    Oh What A World
    Oh Woman
    Oh Yeah
    Oh Yoko
    Oh You Crazy Moon
    Ohio Clouds
    Ohio River Boat Song
    Ohne Dich
    Ohne Lieb
    Oigo El Silencio
    Oil And Water
    Ok To Cry
    Okay With My Decay
    Okie From Muskogee
    Ola Mola
    Old And In The Way
    Old And Wise
    Old Black Cat
    Old Black Joe
    Old Blue
    Old Boyfriend
    Old Broken Soldier
    Old Brown Shoe
    Old Cape Cod
    Old Country
    Old Days
    Old Devil Moon
    Old Dirt Road
    Old Doc Brown
    Old Dog
    Old Enough
    Old Folks
    Old Folks Boogie
    Old Friend
    Old Ghosts
    Old Great Master
    Old Habits
    Old Habits Die Hard
    Old Hat
    Old Hippie
    Old Joe
    Old Joe Clark
    Old King
    Old Lamplighter
    Old Love
    Old Machine
    Old Man
    Old Man Kensey
    Old Man River
    Old Man Thunder
    Old Man Time
    Old Man Winter
    Old Man Wise
    Old Manhattan Melodies
    Old Marcus Garvey
    Old Master Painter
    Old Mister Time
    Old Mother Reagan
    Old Mr. Heffer
    Old Old Song
    Old Old Woodstock
    Old One Better
    Old Pictures
    Old Pigweed
    Old Pop In An Oak
    Old Queen Cole
    Old Red Eyes Is Back
    Old Rivers
    Old Rugged Cross
    Old School Yard
    Old Scratch
    Old September Blues
    Old Shep
    Old Shoes
    Old Skin
    Old Songs
    Old Spinning Wheel
    Old Tears
    Old Time Memory
    Old Time Romans Road
    Old To Begin
    Old Town New
    Old War Chant
    Old Ways
    Old Weakness
    Old Welsh Song
    Old West
    Old Wild Men
    Old Woman
    Old World Nites
    Olde Tyme Hardcore
    Older Chests
    Older Guys
    Older Lover
    Older Than You
    Ole Buttermilk Sky
    Ole Dawg
    Ole Man Trouble
    Ole Mulholland
    Ole Slew Foot
    Oliver Cromwell
    Oliver Twisted
    Olivers Army
    Ollie Otsen
    Olo Leipies
    Olor A Gas
    Olt Eh
    Om Nashi Me
    Omaha Stylee
    Omega Man
    Omega Supreme
    Omega Therion
    Omen Of Delirium
    Ominous Man
    Omissions Of The Omen
    On A Carousel
    On A Good Night
    On A Plain
    On A Rope
    On A Slow Night
    On A Wave
    On A Wedding Anniversary
    On Any Given Day
    On Bended Knee
    On Blackest Wings
    On Borrowed Time
    On Broadway
    On Building
    On Christmas Day
    On Deaf Ears
    On Distant Shores
    On Earth
    On Every Corner
    On Fire
    On Frozen Ground
    On Golden Fields
    On Guard
    On Her Doorstep
    On Holy Ground
    On Hyndford Street
    On In Five
    On Khaos Wings
    On Legendary
    On London Bridge
    On My Knees
    On My Mind
    On My Shoulder
    On My Side
    On My Way
  • On My Way To Harlem
    On Nights Like This
    On Rich And Poor
    On Sidewalks
    On Silent Wings
    On The Beach
    On The Border
    On The Bound
    On The Boundary
    On The Brighter Side
    On The Bugged Tip
    On The Coldest Winter Night
    On The Counter
    On The Dark Side
    On The Day The Wall Came Down
    On The Down And Low
    On The Dunes
    On The Edge
    On The Edge Of Honour
    On The Front Line
    On The Good Ship Lollipop
    On The Greener Side
    On The Ground
    On The High Seas
    On The Hunt
    On The Isle Of May
    On The Lie
    On The Loop
    On The Low
    On The Mountain Of Goats
    On The Old Kentucky Shore
    On The Outside
    On The Path Of Wolf
    On The Prowl
    On The Rhythm Range
    On The Road
    On The Road Again
    On The Run
    On The Rocks
    On The Sagtikos
    On The Sea
    On The Silent Wings Of Freedom
    On The Smooth Tip
    On The Strength
    On The Strip
    On The Tracks
    On The Turning Away
    On The Wall
    On The Wane
    On The Way
    On The Way To Hell
    On The Wings Of A Dream
    On The Wings Of Love
    On Them Thangs
    On They Slay
    On Time
    On To Morning Stars
    On Top Of The World
    On Top The Cage
    On Treasure Island
    On Ultimate Things
    On Wheels
    On Wid Da Show
    On Wings Of Lead
    On Your Face
    On Your Feet Again
    On Your Honor
    On Your Own
    Once Again
    Once Alone
    Once An Angel
    Once Around The Block
    Once Around The Sun
    Once Before
    Once Bitten Twice Shy
    Once In A Blue Moon
    Once In A While
    Once More
    Once Solemn
    Once Upon A Star
    One And One
    One And Only
    One And The Same
    One And Two
    One Away
    One Bad Apple
    One Beat
    One Beautiful Evening
    One Belief Away
    One Better
    One Better World
    One Black Day
    One Boy
    One Brick
    One Broken Heart For Sale
    One Bullet
    One Burning Night
    One By One
    One Call Away
    One Caress
    One Chance
    One Child
    One Choice
    One Clear Moment
    One Clear Voice
    One Country
    One Dance With You
    One Dark Night
    One Day
    One Day More
    One Day Remains
    One Day Soon
    One Day To Fly
    One Day You Will
    One Day You'll Be Mine
    One Dead Cop
    One Days Evening
    One Desire
    One Destiny
    One Draw
    One Dream
    One Dyin And A Buryin
    One Emotion
    One Entire Shield Of Pain
    One Eye Generator
    One Faithful Heart
    One Final Breath
    One Final Graven Kiss
    One Fine Day
    One Fine Morning
    One Fix
    One Foot Wrong
    One For My Baby
    One For Sorrow
    One For The Money
    One Girl Army
    One Golden Rule
    One Good Love
    One Good Lover
    One Good Man
    One Great Song
    One Headlight
    One Heart
    One Heartbeat
    One Hell Of A Woman
    One Hit Wonder
    One Honest Heart
    One Honest Man
    One Hot Minute
    One In A Million
    One In My Head
    One In The Same
    One Inch Man
    One Irish Rover
    One Jump Ahead
    One Kiss
    One Last Breath
    One Last Chance
    One Last Kiss
    One Last Loveshove
    One Last Time
    One Less Addiction
    One Less Mouth To Feed
    One Life
    One Life Stand
    One Life, One Soul
    One Little Girl
    One Lonely Night
    One Man Band
    One Man In My Heart
    One Man Parade
    One Man Stands
    One Meat Ball
    One Mic
    One Million Faces
    One Minute Man
    One Minute Women
    One Mirror Too Many
    One Mo
    One Mo Pound
    One Moe Lick
    One Moment
    One Month
    One More Addiction
    One More Chance
    One More Drink
    One More For The Bone
    One More Forever
    One More Heartache
    One More Kiss Dear
    One More Lick
    One More Minute
    One More River
    One More Tequila
    One Night Alone
    One Night Of Love
    One Night Only
    One Night With You
    One Nite Stand
    One Note Song
    One Of A Kind
    One Of My Lies
    One Of Our Submarines
    One Of The Crowd
    One Of The Few
    One Of The Lonely Ones
    One Of The Precious Few
    One Of The Survivors
    One Of These Days
    One Of Your Tears
    One On One
    One Part Lullaby
    One Perfect Day
    One Perfect Something
    One Plus One
    One Rainy Wish
    One Ray Of Sunlight
    One Reason
    One Road To Freedom
    One Rung
    One Saturday Night
    One Second
    One Seventeen
    One Short Story
    One Shot At Glory
    One Shot At Love
    One Shot Down
    One Sided Love
    One Slowdance
    One Small Miracle
    One Small Voice
    One Solitary Tear
    One Song For You
    One Sound
    One Step Ahead
    One Step Closer
    One Step Forward
    One Step Too Far
    One Step Up
    One Summer
    One Summer Dream
    One Summer Night
    One Sweet Day
    One Sweet Dream
    One Sweet Tender Touch
    One Sweet World
    One Thousand Voices
    One Time Around
    One Time Too Many
    One Tin Soldier
    One To Cry
    One To One
    One Too Many
    One Too Many Times
    One Touch
    One Track Mind
    One Tree Hill
    One Trick Pony
    One Trickle
    One True Love
    One True Man
    One Two Buckle My Shoe
    One Two Five
    One Two Three Four
    One Vision
    One Voice
    One Was Johnny
    One Way
    One Way Donkey Ride
    One Way Love
    One Way Mule
    One Way Ride
    One Weak
    One Week
    One Wild Night
    One Wind Blows
    One Winged Angel
    One With Misery
    One With Sorrow
    One With The Earth
    One Woman Love
    One Word
    Onezy Twozy
    Online Song
    Only If We Love
    Only A Broken Heart
    Only A Dream
    Only A Hobo
    Only A Matter Of Time
    Only A Memory Away
    Only A Whisper
    Only An Ocean Away
    Only Ashes
    Only Colombe
    Only Dreaming
    Only Fools
    Only For You
    Only Hope
    Only In Your Heart
    Only Lonely
    Only Love Knows Why
    Only My Soul
    Only Nobody
    Only One Road
    Only Once In A Lifetime
    Only Reminds Me Of You
    Only Sixteen
    Only Slices Remains
    Only Superstition
    Only The Clouds
    Only The Wind
    Only Time Will Tell
    Only Us
    Only Wishes Left
    Only With You
    Only Words
    Only You
    Onward To Arktoga
    Ooby Dooby
    Oochie Wally
    Oochy Woochy
    Ooh Baby
    Ooh My Love
    Ooh Stick You
    Ooh Wee
    Op De Buhne
    Op Til Alaska
    Opel Gang
    Open All Night
    Open Arms
    Open Book
    Open Casket
    Open Door
    Open Eyes
    Open Hand To The Wind
    Open Hearted
    Open Mind
    Open My Eyes
    Open My Heart
    Open Road Song
    Open Season On My Heart
    Open Sky
    Open Soul Surgery
    Open Source
    Open The Door
    Open The Gates
    Open Up
    Open Up My Heart
    Open Up The Border
    Open Up Woman
    Open Up Your Eyes
    Open Up Your Heart
    Open Wide
    Open Windows
    Open Wounds
    Open Your Eyes
    Opened Once
    Opened The Door
  • Opening Day
    Opening Night
    Opening Of The Mouth
    Opening The Gates Of Hell
    Opening Up
    Opera De Trance
    Opera Singer
    Opera Star
    Operation Blade
    Operation Eagle Lie
    Operation Lockdown
    Operation New Years
    Operation Rescue
    Operation Spirit
    Operation Stackola
    Opiate Of The Masses
    Opiate Summer
    Opportune Moment
    Opportunity To Cry
    Opposite Day
    Opposite Tables
    Opposites Attract
    Optik Anthem
    Opus A Satana
    Opus Eclipse
    Opus One
    Orange Airplane
    Orange Appeal
    Orange Ball-peen Hammer
    Orange Blossom
    Orange Blossom Lane
    Orange Blossom Special
    Orange Colored Sky
    Orange Crunch
    Orange Crush
    Orange Drive Palms
    Orange Juice
    Orange Krunch
    Orange Mound
    Orange Pineapple Juice
    Orange Rhyming Dictionary
    Orange Sky
    Orange Tree Roads
    Orangedale Whistle
    Orchard Road
    Orchids In The Moonlight
    Order Of Enlil
    Order Of The Universe
    Order Through Chaos
    Ordinary Angels
    Ordinary Day
    Ordinary Eyes
    Ordinary Fool
    Ordinary Life
    Ordinary Lives
    Ordinary Love
    Ordinary Madness
    Ordinary Morning
    Ordinary Pain
    Ordinary Song
    Ordinary Story
    Ordinary World
    Ore Hill
    Oregano Flow
    Oregon Hill
    Oregon Trail
    Organ Donor
    Organ Grinder
    Organ Splitter
    Organic Anti Beat Box Band
    Organic Machine
    Organic Shadows
    Organized Konfusion
    Orgasm Addict
    Orgineel Amsterdams
    Orient Nights
    Oriental Journey
    Origin Of A Cristal Soul
    Origin Of Creation
    Origin Of Love
    Original Killing Time
    Original Lyrics
    Original Of The Species
    Original Prankster
    Original Sin
    Original Superman
    Original Way
    Origins And Miracles
    Orinocco Flow
    Ornaments Of Decrepancy
    Ornaments Of Gold
    Oro De Ley
    Orphean Wing
    Osaka Milk Bar
    Osama Yo Mama
    Oscillate Wildly
    Otha Fish
    Other Kinds Of Love
    Other Light
    Other MCees
    Other Script
    Other Side
    Other Side Of Love
    Other Side Of Midnight
    Otherside Of The Game
    Otis And Marlena
    Otis Redding
    Otra Botella
    Otra Lagrima
    Otro Amor
    Otter Slide
    Otto Titsling
    Oval Office
    Ouchie Wally
    Over Absolute Black
    Over Again
    Over And Done With
    Over De Muur
    Over Exposure
    Over Je Schouder
    Over In A Barrel
    Over In Love
    Over Me
    Over My Head
    Over My Hero
    Over My Shoulder
    Over Now
    Over Seasons
    Over Sugar Autumn
    Over The Border
    Over The Counter Culture
    Over The Edge
    Over The Falls
    Over The Hill
    Over The Hills And Far Away
    Over The Moon
    Over The Mountains
    Over The Rainbow
    Over The Wall
    Over Themountain
    Over Under Sideways Down
    Over You
    Over Your Head
    Over Your Shoulder
    Overactive Imagination
    Overal Geweest
    Overcoming Learned Behaviour
    Overdue Goodbye
    Overnight Celebrity
    Overnight Sensation
    Overnight Sleeper
    Overriding Volunteer
    Overseer Overture
    Overture Picante
    Overture And All That Jazz
    Ought To Be A Law
    Oughta Be In Love
    Oughta Know By Now
    Ounce Of Deception
    Our Angel
    Our Daily Bread
    Our Daily Reminders
    Our Day Will Come
    Our Deliverence
    Our Destiny
    Our Diabolical Rapture
    Our Driver Gestures
    Our Dying Island
    Our Eden
    Our Farewell
    Our Final Destination
    Our Finest Hour
    Our First Day Together
    Our First Time
    Our Generation
    Our Kind Of Love
    Our Lady Of Sorrows
    Our Lady Of The Well
    Our Last Goodbye
    Our Last Show
    Our Last Summer
    Our Lips Are Sealed
    Our Little Hidden Tresures
    Our Little Secret
    Our lives
    Our Love
    Our Love Affair
    Our Love Is Different
    Our Love Is Here To Stay
    Our Lucid Dream
    Our Mother The Mountain
    Our Mystery
    Our Night
    Our Only Chance
    Our Only Weapon
    Our Own Love
    Our Own Way
    Our Precious Love
    Our Relation
    Our Revenger
    Our Saviour
    Our Second Home
    Our Secret
    Our Shadows
    Our Song Of Peace
    Our Sweet Love
    Our Time Has Come
    Our Time Is Coming
    Our Trinitone Blast
    Our Voice Will Be Heard
    Our Wedding
    Our Wings Are Burning
    Our World
    Out All Night
    Out Comes The Evil
    Out For Blood
    Out From The Deep
    Out From Under
    Out Here In The Water
    Out In Sand
    Out In The Cold World
    Out In The Country
    Out In The Street
    Out Loud
    Out My Way
    Out Of Breath
    Out Of Control
    Out Of Darkness
    Out Of Fashion
    Out Of Love
    Out Of Mind
    Out Of My Dreams
    Out Of My Head
    Out Of My League
    Out Of My Mind
    Out Of Nowhere
    Out Of Reach
    Out Of Season
    Out Of Sight
    Out Of Tears
    Out Of The Ashes
    Out Of The Blue
    Out Of The Crowd
    Out Of The Darkness
    Out Of The Frying Pan
    Out Of The Shadows
    Out Of The Sinking
    Out Of The Wardrobe
    Out Of The White Hole
    Out Of The Window
    Out Of This World
    Out Of Your Mind
    Out On My Own
    Out On The Weekend
    Outbound Plane
    Outbreak Of Love
    Outcha Mouth
    Outdoor Miner
    Outer Accelerator
    Outer Limits
    Outhouse Of Doom
    Outlaw Blues
    Outlaw Heart
    Outlook For Thursday
    Outras Palavras
    Outright Lies
    Outside Looking In
    Outside Providence
    Outside The Frame
    Outside The Palace
    Outside The Rain
    Outside The Wall
    Outside Woan Blues
    Outside Woman Blues
    Outside World
    Outskirts Of Town
    Outta Bounds
    Outta Love Again
    Outta My Head
    Outta My Mind
    Outta Touch
    Outta Your Head
    Owen Meaney
    Owner Of A Lonely Heart
    Owner Of My Heart
    Owner Of The World
    Owning My Mistakes
    Oxygens Gone
    Oyster Pearl
    Oysters And Pearls
    Ozone Baby


Les inscriptions au LOF de colleys depuis 1951.

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1955 : 336
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1958 : 699
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2007 : 1122 + 29
2008 : 1338 + 12
2009 : 1105 + 31
2010 : 1257 + 33
2011 : 1188 + 2
2012 : 1106 + 27
2013 : 951 + 23
2014 : 826 + 12
2015 : 738 + 23
2016 : 838 + 26


Les chiens de berger issus de la famille Collie:

BORDER COLLIE 2247 Le Border Collie
COLLIE P.Long 838  
COLLIE P.Court 26  
BERGER AUSTRALIEN 10165 Le Berger Australien
BEARDED COLLIE 395 Le Bearded Collie
SHETLAND 2074 Le Shetland
BOBTAIL 253 Le Bobtail
AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOG ou Bouvier Australien 183 Le Bouvier Australien
KELPIE 60 Le Kelpie


Chiots et portées. Puppies


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