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 Westoak Firewalker:
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Aurora Australis

Baby Ket09-05-1996

Clever Eyes Black Funny Tale (Ch)

Clever Eyes Black Funny Trace

Dzhimis Black Colour of Night (Ch)29-04-1996
Rus Ch - Club Ch - Grand Rus Ch

Elevator to Heaven of Lady's Dream11-07-1999

Evolution in Blue of Lady's Dream
Cea/Pra Clear - HD B -
MDR1 (-/-)

Fridens Chance Against (Ch)24-01-2001
Int Ch - Rus Ch - Moldova Ch - Belarussia Ch - Ukraina Ch

Fridens Cherry Bee (Ch)24-01-2001
Championne de Russie

Golden Gates Olympik Fire (Ch)16-10-1995

Lingo's Day Dreamer (Ch)
Pl Ch

Lingo's Defy Not The Heart (Ch)11-01-1999
PL Ch - HD-A

Lingo's Dellicious Dessert

Lucky For Life Little Crazy Cap (Ch)01-09-1999
Cea/Pra/Cat Clear

Magic Light (Ch)05-07-1995

Manico's Wildest Dream16-08-1999
Cea/Pra/Kat Clear - HD-A

Manico's Wildfire (Ch)01-07-1999
Cea/Pra Clear - HD-A - Dt Ch (Club und VDH)

Manico's Wind And Fire (Ch)01-07-1999
Champion de Hongrie

Margaret's Double Impact (Ch)28-05-1998

Margaret's Duchess of Pearl (Ch)28-05-1998

Margaret's Dust Eclipse (Ch)28-05-1998
RUS Ch - Ukr. Ch

Maverni Just in My Soul

Maverti Anais-Anais08-02-1995

Maverti Apple Brandy08-02-1995

Maverti Johnny Walker (Ch)17-05-2003
Cea/Pra clear - UA Ch, Grand Ch UA, UA Winner 2007

Maverti Just Take On Me17-05-2003

Merribruk Loud Pet

Miss Heavenly (Ch)05-07-1995
RUS Ch., KZ Ch

Old Golden Gates Advanced Idea03-02-1998

Old Golden Gates Amazing Song03-02-1998

Old Golden Gates Arresting Mind

Old Golden Gates Edelweiss09-01-1999

Old Golden Gates Excalibur09/01/1999
5ème ENE 2003

Old Golden Gates Extrime

Old Golden Gates Illusion of Love (Ch)10-05-1999
Cea/Pra clear - UA Ch

Old Golden Gates Knick-Knack (Ch)05-12-2002
Cea/Pra clear - UA Ch, UA Grand Ch

Old Golden Gates Koh-I-Noor05-12-2002

Old Golden Gates Ocean's Lady

Old Golden Gates Supreme05-03-2001

Old Golden Gates Taintless Love12-03-2001

Old Golden Gates Ultra Fantasie

Old Golden Gates Ultra Fantasy18-03-2001

Old Golden Gates Unbeaten Top (Ch)18-03-2001
Ukr Ch - Cea/Pra clear

Old Golden Gates Unbeleivable (Ch)18-03-2001
Isr Ch

Old Golden Gates Unbreak My Heart18-03-2001

Old Golden Gates Uncrowned Prince18-03-2001
Hd A, Cea/Pra/Kat Frei

Old Golden Gates Union Jake (Ch)18-03-2001
Ch.Rus - Blr - Club.Ch

Old Golden Gates Virgin Soil

Old Golden Gates Virgin Soul2000

Old Golden Gates Xring (Ch)26-05-2001
Isr Ch

Old Golden Gates Yesenia08-05-2001

Old Golden Gates Yield to None08-05-2001

Old Golden Gates You And I (Ch)05-08-2001
Cea/Pra Clear - UA Ch - UA Grand Ch

Old Golden Gates Your Majesty

Perishell Nifty Flower (Ch)10-02-2003

Pirate Noire de Cabrenysset1999

Sunlilac Blue Might (Ch)19-07-1998
Rus Ch

Sunlilac Blue Mite19-07-1998

Up To The Top of Sunrise (Ch)

Yuskevitch of the Sunfields15-12-1999

 Westoak Firewalker:
 Children in the database:
60 results - Descendance: 60 réponses