Ch. Wicani Lord Of The Isles Orionsview Blue Knight at Stregato Sailby Thestars to Wicani Van-M Hurricane The Next Star Van-M Pal Joey II Ch. Van-M Balloon Pilot
Van-M Sultan's Archival
Van-M Little Red Logo Van-M Brave New World
Van-M Little Red Bow
Van-M Elegance Miss Demeanor Van-M Vision See The Future Van-M Pal Joey II
Van-M Ticket Punch
Van-M Curfew Ch. Valiant Dark Secret
Van-M All Dolled Up
Orionsview Solitaire Lanlin Brackens Thedaddy Lanlin Brighter Prospects Markenfield's Masta Raffles of Lanlin
Lanlin Caribbean Queen
Lanlin Tri-Again Tanzenny Tri Star
Lanlin Birthday Girl
Shandlmain Bewitched at Orionsview Wicani That Old Black Magic For Shandlmain Wicani What's New Pussycat
Wicani Catwalk Queen
Wicani Cherryripe For Shandlmain Ch. Wicani Leading Light
Wicani China Doll
Van-M Tarantella Wicani Waltz of The New Moon Wicani What's New Pussycat Ch. Corydon Blackcat Ch. Moon Wizard at Corydon
Ch. Corydon la Stupenda
Wicani Wrenee Dessard Rickwood Zulu Warrior at Lusha
Wicani Sophia L'Wren
Wicani Dances By Moonlight Eilroy Blue Blitz Ch. Brilyn Rum 'N' Black
Rickwood Zenobia at Eilroy
Wicani Dark-Moon Dancer over Markenfield Wicani Nights in White Satin
Wicani Wytches Moon
Van-M Tantalize Van-M Titanium Deal Ch. Van-M Make a Deal II Van-M Make a Play
Van-M Iron Pyrite
Van-M Platinum Rose Bud Ch. Jjaed's Black Ice
Van-M Platinum Links
Van-M Tuck Into Logic Van-M Tuck Ch. Candray Baronet
Van-M Aruga's New Wrinkle
Van-M Little Red Logo Van-M Brave New World
Van-M Little Red Bow
Ch. Blackfire Actis Ch. Obelix Actis Ch. Chelborn Kiss'N Tell Ch. Samhaven Time Will Tell Ch. Carostar C'est la Vie Ch. Sandiacre Sacre Bleu
Brilyn Full of Grace at Carostar
Samhaven Springtime Ch. Lynmead Lust in the Dust
Ch. Samhaven Summer Dreams
Brilyn Silver Serenade to Chelborn Lynaire The Blacksmith Jopium Touch of Darkness
Lynaire Blue Lace
Brilyn Silver Symphony Ch. Karava Kempez
Lynaire Carla Blue
Ch. Idea Actis Ch. Queenly Mighty Quinn of Kassiopeia Bewilder Boomerang of Kassiopeia Ch. Lynway Seldom Sober
Fresena's Dancing Daisy
Elfi vom Traumland Ch. Orson vom Hause Reinhard
Sissi Sausewind vom Traumland
Ch. Reda Actis Ch. Alfred Betty Senk Victory Gold Zlaty Lotos
Betty Klapuch
Beauty Bess von d'Erste Ch. Imposant Boy Fatranský Sen
Ch. Rolka Altir
Ch. Saga Actis Quandi vom Wengerhof Early vom Wengerhof Dylan vom Wengerhof Quanto vom Wengerhof
Dana vom Wengerhof
Naemi vom Wengerhof Barney's Paule Panther vom Woblitz-See
Dorin vom Wengerhof
Ghana vom Wengerhof Yannek vom Wengerhof Ch. Moorfield's Early Bird
Diva vom Wengerhof
Rainshade Turn The Tide Rainshade Gamut Warning
Rainshade Comic of The Opera
Ch. Java Actis Ch. Golden Lippy Vom Rhododendronwäldchen Double Scotch Gold Candy Ashley Emryks Designed to Love
Wee King's Gold ATC
Golden Happy vom Rhododendronwäldchen Glen Morristone's Hope Sweet Love
Golden Queen vom Rhododendronwäldchen
Hossa Actis Ch. Alfred Betty Senk Victory Gold Zlaty Lotos
Betty Klapuch
Ch. Reda Actis Ch. Alfred Betty Senk
Beauty Bess von d'Erste