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BIELLA - 16/02/2020
16/02/2020 CACIB Présents-Entries: 13
Juge, judge: Amedeo Bottero
Show results submitted by Alessandra Rota  

ROUGH (Mâles-Dogs-Rüden)
class: Ouverte, Open, Offene Klasse - Entries: 4

1 -Premio Nobel Di Cambiano - (Exc, V) CACIB, CAC, BOB
(Arthur Miller x Quanta Gioia di Cambiano)
Breeder (Prod): Garabelli - Owner (Prop): Solbiati
2 -Beldones Azzaro - (Exc, V) RCACIB, RCAC,
(Geko de Midland Valley x Heather Locklear du Clos de Seawind)
Breeder (Prod): Foy - Owner (Prop): Romelli
3 -Torrino Wiston Blue - (Exc, V)
(Salsina Show Black x Monsolana Katy Perry)
Breeder (Prod): - Owner (Prop):
4 -Amalie Fly With By Danding - (Exc, V)
(Amalie Lynmead Flying High x Amalie Lynmead Highlights)
Breeder (Prod): - Owner (Prop):


ROUGH (Femelles-Bitches-Hündinnen)
class: Ouverte, Open, Offene Klasse - Entries: 1

1 -Gaia Earth Goddess Of The Windy Lands - (Exc, V) CACIB, CAC, BOS
(Skabona Oriental Style x Black Swan of the Windy Lands)
Breeder (Prod): - Owner (Prop):


ROUGH (Femelles-Bitches-Hündinnen)
class: Intermédiaire, Intermediate, Zwischenklasse - Entries: 3
1 -Bellatrix Lestrange - (Exc, V) RCACIB, RCAC,
(Wicani Frozen Fire x Zona Proibita Nera di Cambiano)
Breeder (Prod): Vallino - Owner (Prop): Vallino
2 -Torrino Bootylicious - (Exc, V) , ,
(Fontaine Collies Of The Lario Lake x Jelly Belly Delle Colline Umbre)
Breeder (Prod): - Owner (Prop):
3 -Bydanding Christalle Brushes - (Exc, V)
(Ares Good Side x Monsolana Black Star)
Breeder (Prod): - Owner (Prop):


ROUGH (Femelles-Bitches-Hündinnen)
class: Jeune, Youth, Jugendklasse - Entries: 4
1 -Ophelie Royale Di Villa Assunta - (Exc, V) Best of Youth, ,
(Local Hero du Clos de Seawind x Madame Royale di Villa Assunta)
Breeder (Prod): - Owner (Prop):
2 -Fantasy Of Rose In Black Della Verde Scozia - (Exc, V) , ,
(Ghost in The Night in Black della Verde Scozia x Maskori Amadeo Style For Monsolina)
Breeder (Prod): - Owner (Prop):
3 -Pure Poison Of Lowlands Green Valley - (Exc, V)
(Mugler of Lowlands Green Valley x Jour et Nuit of Lowlands Green Valley)
Breeder (Prod): - Owner (Prop):
J'adore Nevada En Bleu Di Cambiano - (TB, SG, VG)
(Uno Splendido Blue di Cambiano x Fenice Nera di Cambiano)
Breeder (Prod): - Owner (Prop):


SMOOTH (Femelles-Bitches-Hündinnen)
class: Juniores - Entries: 1
Legend Of Camelot's Sound Of Silence - (TP, VV, VP) , ,
(Marakoopa's Finian x Legend of Camelot's Hearts Desire)
Breeder (Prod): Ischner - Owner (Prop): Scotti


Commentaire - Comment:
  • BOB ROUGH: Premio Nobel Di Cambiano
16-02-2020 - BIELLA



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