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    Sommaire - Studdogs - Brown Sugar of Slatestone - 13-07-2024




    International Champion, German Champion VDH, German Champion Club, VDH Europasieger 2006, German Clubwinner 07 and German Youth Champion 05

    Né le - D.O.B. 01-05-2004
    Père - Father Ch. Xotic Lover of Slatestone
    Mère - Mother Vanilla Ice of Slatestone
    AOC/CEA CEA; KAT; PRA clear with 8 weeks
    HD HD-A
    MDR1 (-/-)   [..Infos..]




             Contacter l'éleveur - My address

    Elevage Rydeen Collies

    Hans-Jürgen Glöckner

    Thälmannstr. 3 B

    D-39175 Heyrothsberge / Magdeburg


    Téléphone: 0049 39292 720 960 - 0049 172 3905 306

    Fax 0049 391 81 888 43



             Plan d'accès - Kennel map

    Latitude: 52.138069
    Longitude: 11.733956
    Latitude: 52°8'17.05"N
    Longitude: 11°44'2.24"E
    Kennel location for your GPS

             Dans les expositions - In the show ring

    Principaux résultats en exposition
    1.Exc CAC, CACIB, BOB Genk 09-12-2007 Judge Pauline Skyrme and got International Champion
    1.Exc CAC and CLUBWINNER Saarwellingen 08.07.2007 Hauptzuchtschau CfbrH Judge Peter Fricke ( Rosegarden )
    1.Exc CAC / BOB / BIS Dedenhausen 01.07.2007 5th.Colliespezialzuchtschau Judge Susan Hawkins ( Brilyn ) and got German Champion Club
    1.Exc CACIB / CAC / BOB Szczecin, Poland 16.06.2007 CACIB Judge Judit Korozs-Papp HU ( Silver Dream )
    1.Exc CAC / BOB Halberstadt 27.05.2007 CAC Judge Susanne Schaub ( Scottsdale )
    1.Exc CAC / BOB Penig 20.05.2007 CAC Judge Judit Korozs-Papp HU ( Silver Dream )
    finally he won " Best of Breed " and complies the conditions for being German Champion VDH !!!
    1.Exc CACIB / CAC Oldenburg 28.04.2007 CACIB championclass Judge Harald Steinmetz ( Golden Game )
    1.Exc CAC Bad Fallingbostel 18.03.2007 CAC championclass Judge Ruud Santen NL (Mountbattle )
    1.Exc CAC Penig 24.06.2006 CAC championclass Judge Ildiko Muzslai HU ( Double Scotch )
    1.Exc CACIB res. / CAC Saarbrücken 05.06.2006 CACIB Judge Susanne Schaub ( Scottsdale )
    1.Exc CAC Halberstadt 04.06.2006 CAC Judge Harald Steinmetz ( Golden Game )
    1.Exc CAC / BOB / BIS Langenbrettach 14.05.2006 CAC Judge Susanne Schaub ( Scottsdale )
    and then he made me proud, won BOB and finally all of the show ... BIS ... from 168 entries
    1.Exc CACIB / 2CAC Dortmund 07.05.2006 CACIB, VDH-ES Judge Peter Harsanyi HU ( Koakoi )
    a dream become true, Sammy won with just only two years the open class at this prestige show
    and for the crowning " Best Dog ", CACIB and the title " VDH Europasieger 2006 "
    1.Exc CAC Grefrath 30.04.2006 CAC Judge Harald Steinmetz ( Golden Game )
    ... his first outing in open class ..
    1.Exc CAC-J / BOB / BIS Mannheim 28.8.2005 CAC Judge Ildiko Muzslai HU ( Double Scotch )
    then he won " Best of Breed " and for the crowning " Best in Show " ... !!!
    1.Exc CAC-J Solingen 21.08.2005 CAC Judge Gwen Beaden ( Myriehewe )
    and now he fulfils the conditions for being " German Youth Champion "
    2.Exc Jeugdklas Zeist/ NL 17.04.2005 KCM Judge Terry Mc Gowan ( Westoak )
    the forty years Jubilee-Show with twenty entries in his class ( total 167 Collies )
    1.Exc CAC-J Erfurt 03.04.2005 CACIB Judge Sandra Wigglesworth ( Sandiacre )
    and he got the title " Landesjugendsieger Thüringen 2005 "
    1.Exc CAC-J / BOB Erfurt 02.04. 2005 CAC Judge Brenda Cooney ( Lingwell )
    and finally he won " Best of Breed " ... with only eleven months from over sixty Collies ..
    1.Exc CAC, CACIB Kortrijk, Belgium 16-11-2008 - Judge Geoff Duffield ( Angelfield / Myriehewe )


             Descendance - Offspring

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    Easy von der Sheltiebande19-10-2008
    Ebba von der Sheltiebande19-10-2008
    Ed von der Sheltiebande19-10-2008
    Elvis von der Sheltiebande19-10-2008
    Enrico von der Sheltieban.de19-10-2008
    by parentage MDR1 (+/-) by parentage
    Esta von der Sheltiebande19-10-2008
    Ev von der Sheltiebande19-10-2008
    Gandalf von der Sheltiebande07-04-2009
    Gizmo von der Sheltiebande07-04-2009
    Gjino von der Sheltiebande07-04-2009
    Gordon von der Sheltiebande07-04-2009
    Guido von der Sheltiebande07-04-2009
    La Perla vom Old Tom09-04-2008
    Latte Macciatto vom Old Tom09-04-2008
    Little Charlie Brown vom Old Tom09-04-2008
    Lovely Line vom Old Tom09-04-2008
    Luxus Liner vom Old Tom09-04-2008
    Cea/Pra/Kat frei - MDR1 (-/-)
    Mac Ørtoft's I Am A Believer03-03-2009
    Mac Ørtoft's I Am A Dreamer03-03-2009
    Mac Ørtoft's I Am Still Smiling03-03-2009
    Mac Ørtoft's I Will Love You03-03-2009
    Mac Ørtoft's I Will Smile To You03-03-2009
    Mac Ørtoft's Ice of Vanilla03-03-2009
    Mac Ørtoft's It Will Be Me03-03-2009
    Nippy Crazy Daisy von der Schwarzen Lady30-10-2005
    Rydeen Against The Wind07-02-2008
    Cea/Pra free - HD A DM (+/+)
    Rydeen All That Love07-02-2008
    Rydeen All You Need Is Love07-02-2008
    Rydeen Amber And Gold07-02-2008
    Rydeen Amors Little Princess (Ch)07-02-2008
    HD A - Deutscher Dh MDR1 (+/-)
    Rydeen Another Hero07-02-2008
    Rydeen As Tears Go By07-02-2008
    MDR1 (-/-)
    Rydeen As Time Goes By07-02-2008
    Cea/Pra/Kat frei - HD A - MDR1 (+/-)
    Wild Head's Jazz-Man20-04-2008
    Wild Head's Jazzy Jade20-04-2008
    Cea/Pra/Kat Frei - HD A - MDR1 (+/-)
    Wild Head's Joyful Jasmin20-04-2008
    Wild Head's Juicy Fruit20-04-2008
    Wild Head's Juke-Box-Jim20-04-2008


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