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MDR1, attention Danger
Quelques médicaments peuvent être dangereux pour nos Colleys. Consultez ce dossier pour tout savoir au sujet de MDR1.


Sommaire - Studdogs - Camaro Rock 'N' Roll - 21-03-2019




Deutscher Jugendchampion (German Youth Champion) - Clubjugendsieger 2008 (Club-Youthwinner 2008)

Né le - D.O.B. 27-07-2007
Père - Father Ch. Scottlyme Xby Chance
Mère - Mother Ch. Camaro Now or Never
AOC/CEA CEA/PRA/KAT - clear/exempt (7 weeks - EVCO)
Test ADN - DNA Oui/Yes (ISAG 2006)
MDR1 (MDR Tested +/-)   [..Infos..]
DM (+/+)   [..Infos..]
Divers - More DM - N/N (free) by Laboklin

Identification génétique: plus d'info




         Contacter l'éleveur - My address

Elevage Camaro Collies

Karola Opitz

Kleines Birkenvenn 9

Nordhorn D-48529


Téléphone: 0049 - 5921-16133 -

Member of Club für Britische Hütehunde e.V. and German Collieclub



         Plan d'accès - Kennel map

Latitude: 52.381798
Longitude: 7.083127
Latitude: 52°22'54.47"N
Longitude: 7°4'59.26"E
Kennel location for your GPS

         Dans les expositions - In the show ring

Principaux résultats en exposition
2.Exc CAC-Jr. Neumünster, 01.06.2008 - Judge Stefanescu.Ro
2.Exc CAC-Jr. Berlin, 10.08..2008 - Judge Steinmetz, D
1.Exc CAC-J Gelsenkirchen , 24.08.2008 - Judge Tietze, D
1.Exc CAC-J Sondershausen , 30.08.2008 - Judge Fricke, D
1.Exc CAC-J HZS Sondershausen , 31.08.2008 - Judge Kovacova, Sk "Club-Youthwinner 2008 " and " German-Youth-Champion"
V I - CAC - VDH/CH-Anw. - Nordhorn - Mr. M. Wibier, D
V3 - Gelsenkirchen 2009 - Judge: Mrs. Ch. Hoijer, Dk
Verl-Kaunitz Openclass V I - CAC/VDH Ch. .... Mrs. H. Müller/Heintz, D
V3 - CACIB Groningen Openclass..... Mrs. M. ten Cate, Nl
V I - CAC/VDH Ch.- OK - Verl/Kaunitz 2010 .... Mrs. H. Müller/Heintz, D
V I - Breederclass - Genk, B 2010 ... Mr. B. Hawkins,UK
V I - CAC/VDH Ch.- OK - Rastede 2010...Mr. G.Duffield, UK
V I - CAC/VDH Ch.- OK - CACIB - Erfurt Juni 2010...Mrs. J. Korosz- Papp, Hu


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A Big Hunk Sellinkcreekside31-05-2011
Aaron-Astair of Scartanore07-04-2009
Agila-Aoife of Scartanore07-04-2009
Aisha from Nelly's Paradise25-12-2008
Cea/Pra/Kat frei - HD A - Recommanded MDR1 (+/-)
All Night Long of Paddington Station12-02-2012
Alva-Anfa of Scartanore07-04-2009
Amazing van het Boskampscolliehuis02-02-2012
Aska-Alana of Scartanore07-04-2009
Black Basra Proud of Heavensent24-01-2009
CEA/PRA free
Black Bella Proud of Heavensent24-01-2009
CEA/PRA free
Black Beryll Proud of Heavensent24-01-2009
CEA/PRA free
Black Bijou Proud of Heavensent24-01-2009
CEA/PRA free
Black Brilliant Proud of Heavensent24-01-2009
CEA/PRA free
Black Laiko First Collie Love17-06-2011
Black Magic First Collie Love17-06-2011
Black Night First Collie Love17-06-2011
Blue Barkley Proud of Heavensent24-01-2009
CEA/PRA free
Blue Ocean Dream's Bailey's Spezial06-03-2009
Cea/Pra/Kat frei - HD A - MDR1 (-/-)
Blue Ocean Dream's Billy Jean06-03-2009
Blue Ocean Dream's Bon Jovi06-03-2009
Blue Ocean Dream's Bonnie Sue06-03-2009
Cea/Pra/Kat frei - HD A - MDR1 (+/-)
Blue Ocean Dream's Brilliant Butterfly06-03-2009
Cea/Pra/Kat frei
Boem Boem Van Het Melkmeisje28-11-2009
Burning Love Sellinkcreekside31-05-2011
Cactus Cane av Vikholmen17-04-2009
Camaro Back To The Roots27-05-2013
Camaro Be My Little Lady27-05-2013
Camaro Beam Me Up27-05-2013
Camaro Black Magic Woman2013
Camaro Blue Sensation27-05-2013
Camaro Blues Brother27-05-2013
Camaro Born To Love You27-05-2013
Camaro Dancing Queen21-01-2015
Camaro Deep in Your Heart21-01-2015
Camaro Don't Stop the Music21-01-2015
Camaro Don't Worry Be Happy21-01-2015
Camaro Samba 'N' Soul26-01-2009
CEA/PRA free
Camaro Saphira Magic in Blue26-01-2009
Cea/Pra free - HD A - MDR1 (+/-)
Camaro Secret Love26-01-2009
Camaro Shadow Dancer26-01-2009
CEA/PRA free
Camaro Shocking Blue26-01-2009
CEA/PRA free
Camaro Smoke on the Water26-01-2009
CEA/PRA free
Camaro Sunshine Reggae26-01-2009
Cea/Pra/Kat frei - HD A - Recommanded (Rheinlandjugendsiegerin 2010) MDR1 (-/-)
Camelot of Mountain Rose28-04-2009
Cameo from Whisperdale29-06-2009
Camouflage of Mountain Rose28-04-2009
Campino from Whisperdale29-06-2009
Cea/Pra/Kat frei - HD A - MDR1 (+/+)
Canuck from Whisperdale29-06-2009
Caterville Hot Chocolate21-10-2017
Celeste Chamonix av Vikholmen17-04-2009

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