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    Sommaire - Studdogs - Medley Of Flame Addio Arezzo - 22-07-2024




    Dt.Ch (Club & VDH), LUX Ch, NL Ch, INT Ch, BE Ch, Multi J.Ch, GJW, BJS, DJW

    Né le - D.O.B. 05-09-2021
    Père - Father Beldones Napoleon
    Mère - Mother Caronlea Witchy Woman
    AOC/CEA Cea/Pra/Kat clear 7 weeks
    HD A
    MDR1 (+/-)   [..Infos..]
    DM (+/-)   [..Infos..]
    Divers - More IPD Clear, GCS Clear, HUU (Hyperurikosurie) Clear, PRA +/+




    Medley Of Flame Addio Arezzo (Ch)
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    Born : 05-09-2021 Dark Sable Dog
    Beldones Napoleon Ch. Beldones Black Illusion Ch. Chelborn Kiss'N Tell Ch. Samhaven Time Will Tell
    Brilyn Silver Serenade to Chelborn
    Aquarelle des Beldones Brilyn Black Inspiration
    Ch. Lynaire Something Special
    Ch. Beldones Fit For Fun Ch. Beldones Double Diamond Eskimo des Beldones
    Diamond Dream des Beldones
    Intrigue des Beldones Ch. Viking des Marécages du Prince
    Dolce Vita des Beldones
    Caronlea Witchy Woman Denfris Discovery For Caronlea Ch. Caronlea Celtic Shades Ch. Jopium Touch of Soul for Triburle
    Ch. Caronlea Dixie Chick
    Ch. Fridens Goldrise Ch. Garbh Gino of Aaronwell
    Fancy Forever Borning Snow
    Denfris Eternal Flame For Caronlea Ch. Lynmead Timeless Affair Amalie Mild Affair
    Lynmead Danfrebek Truly Yours
    Ch. Denfris Lady Boss Ch. Ugo Boss of Ladybird Field
    Ch. Fridens Xotical Blossom

    Cea/Pra/Kat clear 7 weeks, HD A, IPD Clear, GCS Clear, HUU Clear - INT Ch, D.Ch (VDH and Club), LUX.Ch, NL.Ch, BE.Ch, Multi J.Ch, GJW, BJS, DJW
    MDR1 (+/-) DM (+/-) PRA (+/+)
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             Contacter l'éleveur - My address

    Elevage Medley of Flame

    Madeleine Port

    Hinter der Kirche 5

    56294 Wierschem


    Téléphone: +49 15207485336 -



             Plan d'accès - Kennel map

    Latitude: 50.227238
    Longitude: 7.350049
    Latitude: 50°13'38.06"N
    Longitude: 7°21'0.18"E
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             Dans les expositions - In the show ring

    Principaux résultats en exposition
    INT and Belgian Ch after CACIB GENT on 11th May 2024.
    Cz. J.Ch.
    Belg. J.Ch.
    German Junior Winner 2022
    Bundesjugendsieger 2022
    Jugendsieger Neuss 2022
    Herbstjugendsieger 2022
    Dutch Junior Winner (Leeuwarden 26/11/2022)
    Nederlands Jun.Ch (after Gorinchem 18/12/2022)
    LUXEMBOURG - 01/04/2023 - 105TH INTERNATIONAL DOGSHOW - Judge: Boris Spoljaric : 1St Exc CACL (Intermediate class)
    LUXEMBOURG - 02/04/2023 - 106TH INTERNATIONAL DOGSHOW - Judge Liimatainen Jussi (Finlande) : 1St, Exc CACL, CACIB, BOB
    Luxembourg Champion after 01 and 02/04/2023 dog show with 2 CACL


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    Medley Of Flame C'Est Magic01-02.2023
    Medley Of Flame Disco Dave24-07-2023


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