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    German Champion

    Né le - D.O.B. 02-10-2008
    Père - Father Ch. Lynmead Love of My Life
    Mère - Mother Double Scotch Gold Wild and Free
    AOC/CEA Indemne AOC - CEA/PRA clear
    HD HD A
    Test ADN - DNA Oui/Yes (DNA profil ISAG 2006)
    MDR1 (+/-)   [..Infos..]

    Identification génétique: plus d'info




             Contacter l'éleveur - My address

    Elevage Timeless Twilight

    Wiel and Bertie Smeijsters

    Rimburgerweg 170

    Landgraaf 6374LG


    Téléphone: 0031-455323471 -

    SHV De CollieClub



             Plan d'accès - Kennel map

    Latitude: 50.907291
    Longitude: 6.069649
    Latitude: 50°54'26.25"N
    Longitude: 6°4'10.74"E
    Kennel location for your GPS

             Dans les expositions - In the show ring

    Principaux résultats en exposition
    Spezial Zuchtschau Magdeburg 2010: 1 Excl.CAC - judge:Mr. B.Makepeace
    Nationale D´Elevage ENE 2010 (Roiffé France): 1 Excl. - judge Mr.R.Santen
    Int.Rassehunde Ausstellung Dresden 2010: 2 Excl.res.CAC/res.CACIB - judge Mrs. I.Muzslai
    Collie Rough Special Show Sonderhausen/Possen Germany 01.05.2011 - 1 Excl.CAC res.Best in Show - Judge A.Staniland (GB)
    CAC in Hannover under U.Nölke
    CAC/CACIB BOB in Karlsruhe under T.McGowan


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    Begasuka's Near Heaven (Ch)28-03-2016
    CEA free with 7 weeks, HD A - Champion Polski MDR1 (+/+)
    Begasuka's Never Ending Dream28-03-2016
    CEA free with 7 weeks MDR1 (-/-)
    Begasuka's Never Love A Robin28-03-2016
    CEA free with 7 weeks MDR1 (+/+)
    Begasuka's Never Say Never Norman28-03-2016
    CEA free with 7 weeks MDR1 (+/-)
    Begasuka's Next Fantasy Nikita28-03-2016
    CEA free with 7 weeks MDR1 (-/-)
    Begasuka's Nice Princess28-03-2016
    CEA free with 7 weeks, HD A1 MDR1 (+/-)
    Begasuka's No Limit Nash28-03-2016
    Cea/Pra/Kat free with 7 weeks
    Begasuka's No Time To Wonder28-03-2016
    Cea/Pra/Kat free with 7 weeks
    Beryn's Country Malou02-08-2013
    Beryn's Country Mella2013
    Beryn's Country Milla02-08-2013
    Mac Ørtoft's Charming Wild22-11-2015
    Maralynn So Cool25-12-2014
    Maralynn Soul Catcher25-12-2014
    HD A, PPM/PHTVL/PHPV/RD/KAT/PRA free MDR1 (+/-) DM (+/+)
    Scotic Myth Dancing Queen05-06-2011
    Scotic Myth in the Mood05-06-2011
    Scotic Myth Take A Chance On Me10-06-2011
    Toffilu's Caesha-Everything I Hope For10-03-2011
    Toffilu's Calm Inside The Storm10-03-2011
    Toffilu's Cappuccino-Absolutely Hot And Sweet10-03-2011
    Toffilu's Cidney-Time Will Tell10-03-2011
    Toffilu's Coloured Like Daddy10-03-2011
    Toffilu's Copyright For You10-03-2011
    Toffilu's Crying Tears of Happyness10-03-2011
    Toffilu's Cuddle And Kiss10-03-2011
    Wildflower vom Lambertztal07-06-2012
    Willowwind vom Lambertztal07-06-2012
    Willpower vom Lambertztal07-06-2012
    Winona vom Lambertztal07-06-2012
    Wiredancer vom Lambertztal07-06-2012


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